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 Founded in 2012

In addition to strategic guidance, operational insights, and industry know-how, we provide our portfolio companies with the technology a company needs to improve and make them more competitive. Active ownership in partnership with management has enabled us to build value within our portfolio companies. We have a specific focus and significant investing experience in four core industries: energy, agriculture, technology, and finance. SSGFO has been sourcing and leading transactions in these core industries for the past 8 years.With our deep understanding of these industries, we have been able to become successful over the years and remain innovative.


Our Mission

Our goal is to bring lasting value and impact to future generations. We accomplish this through impact investing and philanthropy, as well as encouraging innovation and new ideas. Management teams we invest with have a strategic vision for how to maximize the potential of their businesses and are passionate about what they do. Our goal is to assist management to refine their strategies and to assist them in achieving their vision. These efforts, coupled with our ability to identify and work with talented managers, have laid the foundation for our success.

Summer Headshot.jpg

Summer Stoffel

Chief Strategy Officer

Summer is the Founder and CEO of Equicore, an international IT company specializing in AgTech and Data Science. These solutions support education, sustainability, biosecurity, welfare, and genomic research. She also serves as a consultant and public speaker for many international non-profit organizations such as the American Horse Council, the National Institute of Animal Agriculture, United States Equestrian Federation, etc. As CSO of SSGFO, she also is passionate about developing a strong network of investments in other industries that create positive impact across multiple sectors.

Managing Partners

Never invest in a business you cannot understand.

Warren Buffet


Offering 01.


Innovation across six industries, encompassing a diverse portfolio. Our goal is to actively manage and add value to clients' portfolios so they can reach their long-term financial goals. Through our investment strategies, adhering to our investment principles and values, and offering challenging and rewarding careers, we achieve this.

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